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Scrippsie Staycation plus a Birthday!

It’s hard to imagine that only 5 years ago I earned my BA from Scripps College. Along with picking up a college degree, I picked up some wonderful amazing lifetime friends. Here we are, celebrating our academic achievement: Quite mature, yes? Such BEAUTIFUL ladies! (where is Megan?!?!)

Since 2006, we’ve all scattered to different corners of the country and world and grown as scholars, women, people, and friends. We’ve attempted to get together at least once every other year and so far have achieved some lovely reunions. The last big one took place in Boston and Cape Cod 2 summers ago. This summer, not everyone could make it due to financial concerns or simply being in another country (very valid excuses), but 4 of my lovely ladies came to my very own Charlottesville the weekend before my birthday!

It’s amazing how much I take Charlottesville for granted, and only realize it when friends come to visit. In one long weekend we: explored Jefferson’s rotunda and lawn, ate southern BBQ, had fun at the Farmer’s Market, acted like a local at Friday’s After Five, visited Monticello , went peach-picking, danced our feet off at 80s night, and of course we visited one of the many glorious local wineries. It sure was grand to be reunited with such splendid Scrippsies! The weekend passed all too quickly and I can’t wait for our next reunion (whenever it might be)!

In other news, I turned 27 last week.

Any birthday between 25 and 30 for me is going to be a ‘I should reflect on my life’ sad sort of birthday. Sad because I outlived my dear brother Dandan yet another year, sad because when I was little I was certain at this age I would be married with a job and kids (ha), and sad yet again because so many others seem so much more successful at my age. I, however, am quite the optimist and rather prefer to reflect on the positive. So here goes…

I have lived another year and during that time have: 1) formed further friendships to cherish; 2) laughed more often than cried; 3) note that I am in superb health; 4) have both of my parents who are always there for loving support; 5) have a full belly and  a roof over my head and a Plan A followed by a Plan B followed by a “I’ll go with the flow and see where it takes me” direction in life.

I also got to eat ice-cream cake that was home-made by none other than the wonderful Elizabeth of http://www.sweetsnickerdoodles.blogspot.com/  Pretty darn tasty looking, right?! Right! That’s a triple layer chocolate cake with mint-chip ice-cream and sweet buttercream frosting!!! Phenomenally delicious. Why ice-cream cake? When I was younger I used to celebrate my birthday (which I share with my wonderful mother!) by having a pool party in our backyard complete with dressing up like a princess and ice-cream cake (generally bought at Baskin Robins).  

Well, this year I went all nostalgic on everyone and said I wanted to celebrate turning 27 by: 1) lying by the pool (check), 2) eating ice-cream cake (check)  , and 3) watching a movie with friends (check). In fact, I got more than all that. I got to watch XENA (“Warrior… Princess… Tramp”) and then “Wet Hot American Summer”!!! Fantastic times. Oh, and I still dressed up like a pretty princess, tiara and all. 

You know, I find there’s little in life about which I can legitimately complain.  I think I’ll remind myself of this little truth more often.