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The Art of Getting Married.

Over Memorial Day weekend I got to travel to Bloomington, Indiana to spend blessed time with family and my folks as we celebrated a new addition to the Bartlett family: a new cousin and his son! My cousin Annie found a tall, caring, funny, smart, musical, wonderful man to call “husband” (but I’m pretty sure she’ll never address him as such, because that’d be a little out of character).

A wedding truly is an art. Or a piece of music. Some people go for a Mozart feel, some for a Rachmaninoff feel, and some a Gershwin. Some go for Paul Simon. The trick is figuring out the perfect match for the perfect couple. Annie and Jim definitely fit the bill at their barnyard wedding with a bluegrass band. The bride wore a vintage dress with a wreath in her hair, and the groom dressed smart in a white suit. They danced to “Pretty Flowers“, a banjo song (written by Steve Martin). Instead of a DJ playing the top hits and Rock’n’Roll classics, the guests were led in some square-dances.

The father of the groom sang impromptu with the band. The father of the bride gave one of the sweetest and funniest toasts I’ve ever heard. There were 15 cakes of various flavors (my favorite was Mexican Chocolate). Meatballs were on the menu. Children, friends, parents, …all had a fabulous time celebrating the love these two have for each other.

They danced late into the night, perfecting the craft of “having a good time”. 

To continue with the lovely “old-timey” feel of the weekend, some family and I spent Memorial Day in Nashville, IN, where we tasted slow-churned home-made ice cream, walked the streets of an adorable town, visited the local art museum, and ate fried rolls with home-made apple butter (well, they did, I didn’t).  


My Family is Delicious

It’s true. My family is quite aesthetically pleasing in every way. Easy on the eyes, clean bodies, athletic dispositions, pleasing voices, and our names are even delicious: my last name is a pear (Bartlett), my cousin’s name is a cheese (Brie), and my grandmother’s name is Olive. I mean, come now, you have to like that. Add a little crisp white wine and you have yourself a fantastic sunset siesta on the back patio.

AND we can all cook.  Thankfully I picked up the love for cooking well (and eating well), as did my cousin Brie, who just spent a couple months traveling around Greece working on WWOOF farms (read all about her travels!) and happily — for me, at least — spent her last week in Greece with me in Athens. Oh the fun we had! She taught me some breakdancing skills, and I brought her to Crossfit. She and I braved the Greek butcher to buy freshly ground veal and she made me meatballs! I roasted her some chicken legs. We made Greek salad and other goodies. We bought delicious baklava and kantaifi from the nearby pastry shop. We sat at fancy coffee shops in Kolonaki for over an hour to enjoy our iced beverages and people watch. We giggled. We talked. We hugged. We danced. We walked random streets of Athens. We explored the First Cemetery. We hiked up the Acropolis. I attempted to be an engaging tour guide about all things ancient. We got called “goddesses”. We ate a hearty delicious (and inexpensive) meal at Scholarhio estiatorio (a restaurant) in Plaka (my first moussaka since I’ve been in Athens, and boy was it good!). We cooked some more (a casserole, some Greek coffee, roasted veggies…). I took lots of photos, too.

Annnnd now she’s back in the big ol’ US of A and I have one month left in this crazy city. I’m sad she’s gone, but happy she was here. It was a yummy time!