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Bangarang Bullies

Needless to say, this is not a post about my travels (per se) or my work or my Crossfit. Nooo this is a post about bulldogs. JUST in case you were unaware, I absolutely LOVE English bulldogs and plan to have one in the future. She will be mostly white and I will name her Boudicca.

Bulldogs rule and just make you smile. Evidence:

Sadly, I did not see a SINGLE English bulldog during my time in Oxford (or even London)!!! A few pugs, but they do not count.

┬áSo now I’m almost done with 2 lovely weeks in Paris, and I’m wandering around the 5th Arrondisement and come across THIS lovely little spectacle in a shop window!!! Instant smile on my face.



French bulldogs

… ┬áThere are some things in life that make me put on an ‘ew’ face, and French bulldogs are one of them (so are most fast-food joints, “Hawaiian” pizza, buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans, and the stink of sewers*.) They are NOT to be confused with the adorable smooshy-faced wonderful greatness of English bullies. These are yucky icky French bulldogs with their pointed ears and smug faces. And they are NOT cute (even as puppies). And I saw them in France but did not see English bulldogs in England and somewhere some god is playing a cruel joke on me.




*not a comprehensive list of all things that entice my ‘ew’ face.