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I’m Fascinating

I have interesting things to say, I do. I have funny and punny jokes to share, I swear. I have many thoughts on politics (hello election), money (yes, please), lifting (new 100% Raw Federation squat world record holder in the -148 class with a 286# squat!), boys (:D), material concerns (it’s cold and I love clothes), health (trying to keep it healthy), happiness (smile every day!), and food (…chocolate…). Many and more. I have tales to tell. But for now….

Call me Sisyphus

But for now? For now the thought of organizing the above into delightful blog posts to share with the world is daunting. If you guessed “because of the dissertation?” then you are correct.

Grammar, bitches

My teaching schedule tells me we’re halfway through the semester (my kids are such good students!), and I’m 90 pages into Chapter 2 alone. A Chapter that is about to get some serious attention from a red pen by my dutiful advisor. And then I wave goodbye to my social life.

Stress levels on red alert

Well, here goes….

I’m still fascinating, so sorry if I bored you.