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Life is a Highway

Cliche title? Sure. But it fits.

This morning I packed up Paolo with my things and on a crisp Tuesday morning left Amy’s house in Charlottesville and hopped onto 29S to start my adventure to Tucson.

Paolo, my 2008 Honda Fit, ready for the road

the hatchback is full

Just over 500 miles and 4 states. Virginia. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Leg 1 final destination: Life University in Marietta, GA (it’s lovely having friends who are willing to put you up for a night or two). Despite a little bit of rain, the drive was pretty standard for this part of the country: rolling hills and trees on either side. I only had to stop twice to fill up and rest and stretch my legs (who knew how tiring sitting can be?). What did I listen to? Why, country music, of course. It only seemed fitting. I changed it up a little bit Umberto Eco’s The Prague Cemetery on tape. FABULOUS. Read a review! I’m only a few chapters in, but Eco’s writing mixes great prose with intriguing narrative with laugh-old-loud descriptions. He’s been one of my favorite authors for some time now, and every time I read something by him I’m reminded why that is.

I drove up to my friend Dave’s place around 5, just in time to see him make me a fabulous dinner of home-made meatloaf, sauteed brussels sprouts and roasted purple sweet potatoes! I was going to bring him some yummy house-warming gifts but Jackson (Amy’s dog) ate them. No lie. He found them among my things and ate them. Hopefully the mini packet of Justin’s chocolate-hazelnut butter I brought Dave was still acceptable.

After dinner we walked over to Life University’s gym in time to watch the men’s basketball team play Carver College (NAIA league) … and go from making it a close game to letting the other team score over 100 points. What happened? The other team played like a team, and our team did not. Simple as that. Highlight of the game was when the little girl sitting in front of us decided to be a contestant in the half-time dance-off.. and completely brought the house down. Girl had moves that I can only dream about! She won a free packet of Skittles. I won a priceless memory.

Don’t ask me what I thought about Atlanta, because I have no honest opinion. I barely went into town. I drove 8 hours yesterday and am looking at the same tomorrow, so today I blissfully slept in until 9 and then hopped on my computer. Emails, more emails, news, Daily Show, and some blogging. This. This is what I do on my road trip. And every now and then I look out the window to see the blue sky over the green campus.  When Dave came home for a break between classes we made Paleo zucchini brownies today (almond-butter base). Mmmm. Later on we stopped at a chiropractor’s house (he’s going to work for her) and she adjusted us both for free! Then we went into the city, and as we got out of the car to head into Yeah!Burger, I saw the lit-up Atlanta skyline.

burger joint with gourmet taste but old-style feel

Yeah!Burger is pretty darn good. It’s one of those gourmet burger joints in that they have local, grass-fed meats and bison and such (and turkey and veggie and chicken…), gluten-free options (buns, fries, onion rings), assorted toppings, sides, sauces, and the “side of the day” was roasted brussels sprouts topped with some seriously good goat cheese. Sooo what do I think of Atlanta? I think it’s delicious!

yumzo dinner for 2!

So many options! The reverse listed the shakes, sodas, beers and wines.


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