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The Mirror is Bright and Shiny

It’s New Year’s Eve. Right now some people are drinking champagne, writing up resolutions, searching for someone to kiss when the ball goes down, and mumbling through the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne”.

Quick Interlude: 

I’ll be doing some of that, too (mainly the bubbly and the garbled singling), but right now I’d rather reflect on an amazing 2011. Sure, 2011, like any year, had its bad times, but who reminisces about the bad? Nay, if we must look back, let us look back fondly and smile.

So here I go, looking in the mirror of the past year, and beaming. In the last year I:

-distributed my time across 7 countries and made a gajillion new friends (actual friends, not just acquaintances)
-was super productive as far as my academic research goes, writing the Introduction and first chapter of my dissertation as well as collection all the data I set out to collect and coming up with preliminary conclusions.
-got to see some of my Scrippsies!
-got to spend holiday times with my family
-spent my birthday this year like I did when I was 5: with friends, poolside, followed by ice cream cake while dressed like a princess
-got physically stronger: added 30# to my snatch, 25# to my clean and jerk, 40# to my squat, 30# to my deadlift, and my gymnastics skills have improved a bunch (handstand walk, hi-rep pullups, strict dips)
-helped the “Barbelles” win Charlottesville’s “Tug for the Town” tug-o’-war contest 2 years running.
-ran in my first 5k race (25 minutes… not near my personal best but happy with it all the same!)
-competed and did well in a few CrossFit competitions, including going to Regionals (Mid-Atlantic) with my CF C’ville team and winning “best advanced female” in Greece.
-dared to ride on the back of a motorcycle for the first time ever
-saw one of my favorite fantasy reads transferred beautifully to the big screen (“Game of Thrones”)
-made my own all-natural lip balm!
-celebrated the nuptials of a cousin by partying on the dance floor with other cousins!
-went to Brooklyn for the first time ever, loved it.
-discovered I do actually like chopped liver

Those are just highlights. Even though each year seems to whiz by faster than the last, it’s nice to sit down and realize just how much you accomplished in those 365 days.

So go to the bathroom. Take a poo. Wash your hands and look up. See that face in the mirror? That’s your face. Those are your eyes. They’ve seen a whole new year go by.  Are they wiser for it? …Who cares? — you’re here, you’re in the now, so live in the now and live it up. Discover every new moment 2012 has to offer and go get some! …and maybe learn the words to “Auld Lang Syne”.

Put on your party hat and game face and kick it off right! (But please don’t drink and drive!)

Happy New Year!!!


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall — DAMN I sure look fine!”