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It all comes full circle, you see

If you study or practice archaeology, as I do, you probably get this a lot:

“Ahhh Indiana Jones, eh?”

Actually…. yes. I’ll proudly admit that I was highly influenced by those fantastic flicks (wellll not so much the 2nd one and let’s just pretend the 4th never happened mmmkay?).

“Lost Ark”: I am Jewish. The Ark has significance to my religion. Indiana Jones saved it from the Nazis. WIN.

“Temple of Doom”: …. yeah.

“Last Crusade”:  ‘Nuff said.

Okay so then people might ask “who is the sexiest man alive” or “who is your celebrity man-crush” and without a beat I’d respond “Sean Connery”. Yes, even as he is now. I mean, he was stunning when he competed for the Mr. Universe title and he was foxy when he was James Bond (thanks, Daddy, for instilling in me an undying love for that franchise!), but he was — IS — just simply exquisite in the above picture and thereafter. Paired with his voice… huminah huminah.

Did you know that Sir Sean (that’s right SIR) dances? Well, he did and does.

Fabulous, no? Don’t even think of disputing that. Well, it’s no secret that I, too, enjoy dancing. Getting my groove on. Shakin’ my thang. Letting the music instruct my body how to move. I also enjoy Halloween and dressing up. I most especially enjoy when I get to combine Halloween, dressing up, and dancing — in short, the trifecta of all that is rad:

Now I’d like to point out that I look pretty much EXACTLY like the real deal, and that’s me being modest:

Uncanny, right?

And now we’re back to my love of all things fabulous and ancient, and the wonderful 6-seasons series “Xena: Warrior Princess” embodied it all. In fact, when I do end up creating my own courses you can certainly be sure that I will incorporate clips from this show on a regular basis. No, really, imagine this as a quiz: (shows class an episode of Xena from, oh season 2) “Now class, I want you to write down everything that was right, everything that was wrong, the actual sources that influenced the story, names, and locations seen in this episode.” Pretty good quiz, yeah? YEAH.

Well, I suppose I’ve finally come full circle.

…and now I know that I can successfully embed photos and video clips in a blog post.


About Elizabeth

PhD student in Classical Art & Archaeology at UVA with a focus on Greek heroes and iconography (yet forever awed by Roman 2nd and 4th style painting). Salsa and Argentine tango dancer extraordinaire. Weightlifter and Crossfitter the world over.


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