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Hola mis amigos

Well here I am. Just another wordpress blog, right? WRONG. This blog is … well it’s me. Hineni.

Why start a blog again after the dismal failure and neglect of my college livejournal? Simple: I am about to embark on a 5-month adventure of a lifetime and what better way to share, document, and remember than the powerful medium of the internet?

Bit about me. I am currently a Ph.D. student (ABD actually) at UVA in Classical Archaeology with a focus on Archaic Greek hero cult iconography (specifically Athenian vase-painting).  As of July, I will be a wandering academic soul exploring the hallways and basements of museums and libraries across Europe. Every now and then I may even get to act like a real tourist and enjoy the cities I visit.


July 11-31: Oxford                                                                                                                   August 1-14: Paris                                                                                                                     August 15-22: Berlin                                                                                                               August 23-26: Vienna                                                                                                            August 27-September 11: Italy (Florence, a weekend at the Villa di Monte           Solare, then another week in Rome)                                                                                September 11-December 7: Athens/Attica

I intend to update this blog at least once a week, hopefully with pictures to feed the aesthetic.  It won’t be all business. I’ll post thoughts, anecdotes (hopefully amusing ones), experiences, food reviews, and general things (including reviews of Crossfit boxes I visit). If I see any bulldogs I will be sure to post in bold and all caps. If I see Sean Connery then I may just have to convince him I’m his one and only and IT WILL WORK.

Until my next post… boom shaka laka


About Elizabeth

PhD student in Classical Art & Archaeology at UVA with a focus on Greek heroes and iconography (yet forever awed by Roman 2nd and 4th style painting). Salsa and Argentine tango dancer extraordinaire. Weightlifter and Crossfitter the world over.


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